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EC Wear Split Pants in turquoise

Split pants with more coverage for diaper-free time.

Open-style split pants that can be worn under or over a diaper, or for diaper-free time.

Re-Ewes Split pants made from repurposed wool sweaters

Split pants made from recycled wool sweaters. Eco-friendly functional fashion for elimination communication.

Mamaroo overlapping split pant

Adjustable split pants for diaper-free todlers

Whether you are looking for split pants that can be worn under a diaper or training pants, or modest split pants for your diaper-free baby, EC Wear brings you a variety of EC pants to meet your needs. Based on traditional clothing used all over the world in countries where infant pottying is the norm, such as kaidangku in China, EC pants allow your baby or child to use the toilet without removing layers of clothing. On cold days, layer split pants over legwarmers. 

The split allows the pants to be opened when your baby is held in-arms with their legs opened, or when a toddler squats or sits on a potty. This gives your toddler independence to use the potty without needing to remove their clothing. They are super easy and simple to use. Split pants are the easiest clothing for Elimination Communication or potty training.

You can use a diaper under or over open or chaps style split pants, or use them for diaper-free time. Split pants are ideal for cold-weather with infants because your baby stays warm during diaper changes. Changing a wet diaper right away prevents diaper rash and discomfort. EC Wear loves comfortable clothing that makes parenting easy and makes babies happy!

All split pants at EC Wear are proudly made in USA. 

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